Stannah stairlifts have been designed to blend seamlessly with your interior.

Whether you live in a classic or contemporary home,

or if you have a straight or curved staircase,

we will help find the right chair for you. 


The design of the Starla upholds the quality, reliability and safety values that we champion. Also, with more custom options than any other stairlift, it can be tailor-made to suit the interior of your home. 


Reliable, easy-to-use, and purpose built to cope
with bends, corners and even the
most complex set of stairs. 


The Saxon is a classic Stannah stairlift model
built for straight staircases. It comes with the
same attention to quality, safety and reliability 
as all Stannah stairlifts.


Designed especially to help you while outside, the Stannah Outdoor stairlift is fully waterproof and
comes with the same assurances of quality,
safety and reliability as every Stannah stairlift.